Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And The Beat Goes On.....

9th February 2010
And the Beat goes on...
6th Feb Bob Marley’s Birthday, there was a thick mist above the Blood Brothers crib.  The night was filled with artists who were feeling the love and remembrance of a Revolutionary man.  
Kampala has a beat.  It runs through the tarmac and maram roads.  It’s like an electrical pulse that’s got your back.  It surges every time you try to cross a traffic ridden road, or every time your boda swerves a little too close to the ground to dodge a pothole.  It’s a pulse, those tiny strokes of luck that make you hopeful.  That’s how I’m feeling right now, lucky from the soil up. 
 I’m looking out the window of Club ROUGE. Waiting for Spoken Truth to start. For those of you who don’t know, Spoken Truth is an event that happens Two Tuesdays in a month at Club Rouge on Jinja Road, Next to the Railway Station.  This is a poetry night I am really excited about. Artists, Poets, Mc’s, Dancers congregate in one progressive space to share their expression with one another.  The night so far has been good and now we are trying to bring out the best of all elements.  I am especially interested in the poetry.  Its seamlessness and elegance, and its ability to put you inside a story with the sound of someone’s voice.  
This week begins with a mass of work ahead of me.  I start a shoot on the 10th hopefully. It is set to be a week full of travel and accomplishment.  I am looking forward to learning and working with a photographer whose work I have never seen before and hopefully get a chance to pick up my camera as well and shed some light on the shoot with my style.  It’s hard though, being a woman and an artist out here, that’s why platforms like Spoken Truth are appreciated and you have to take every oppertunity you get to show your abilities.
Spoken Truth is going to be fun, I’m organising a shoot for all the poets while the event is happening.  There is hope for a Spoken Truth book, DVD and Audio CD. So today is the day to come dressed to represent. I’m most looking forward to expressing my level of creativity, allowing the mind to move past the guidelines of someone else’s agenda.  The idea is to funk it up. And we have...

Artists breed life and inspiration with every movement. The shoot has gone well. A balanced mix of the funny, the aggressive, the sexy, the gangster, and the list goes on.  The most enjoyable thing about photography is bringing out something that’s already there but almost hidden.  

                           Portraits of people with life, soul, breathing in their craft and exhaling it to audiences.       
And The Beat Goes On.....
These pictures will contribute to the Bavubuka Spoken Truth website/blog/book/flyers or just for fun! 



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