Monday, June 28, 2010

A Quick Look at Beauty

Over the past week I have been trying to expand my portfolio by looking into some simple beauty shots.  Shots that are not high in content or theme but fully represent the beauty of the women within them in a simple but powerful way.  With the help of Mushana and my some unique pieces from my mother’s Vintage collection I shot last Wednesday with a group of my friends.  The investigation for this week was simple, beauty, and what does it stir inside us.   I invited four of my friends, who I think are beautiful and striking in their own ways and began to start the process.

I do not want to sit here and say that I wanted to delve into the intricacies of what our perceptions of beauty are, because by now I think that as women we should be evolved enough to understand that what we see in the media is almost always a lie, and that beauty is connected with confidence from within, that it doesn’t come from what we wear but comes from the soul and moves its way through our lives in the conversations we have and the ways we use ourselves as tools in the world. But as a photographer, what I was looking for here was to try and keep beauty in line with the truth of the lens and not the truths of Photoshop.  Trying to keep my editing to a minimal and where it has been used a lot still try and keep a sense of the atmospheric beauty.  
I am not trying to beautify to sell a product but instead to enhance what is already there to show people what I see.  And I see skin tones, colors, locations, environments, dimples and shades.  So this is my outlook.  And these are my images….. Thank you to the beautiful ladies who turned out and to Mushana for adding a little something special….and of course to the spirits and souls which make beauty come out through our eye’s and emotions…..And the lens that captures it all……

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  1. hey! im a mixed African Indian like you! i have recentrly found your blog! you can add me on youtube here, i will be sure to read your posts! its good to find another african desi