Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Date with Mao


My morning starts in a rush, like I’m gasping for air and I can’t seem to find
anything I need. I have a 9o’clock shoot with Norbert Mao the Democratic Party Presidential Candidate for the 2011 elections.  In terms of status he will have been to date my most famous subject.  Today, he wants a simple studio portrait, elegant, sophisticated and smart, something that will not make people think too much but look inviting. Fliers, Posters, that kind of thing.  Artistically I cannot lie; no one is pushing me to the fullest of my potential.  If it were up to me, I would go on the whole Obama tip, the man for the people. Presidential but connectible, touchable, get him in his suit with a massive bowl of Katogo…we can all relate to that right? Either way, this is an influential man in my presence whose millage could take me further in my career, or not, it’s a coin flip but let’s keep positive!   
Five and a half hours later and we are still waiting for Mr. Mao to make an appearance, lights are set, camera is charged and the only thing now is to place someone in front of them.  But every day brings a new lesson, ability, and education.  Today I am learning a certain level of patience and organization.  I have patiently been waiting whilst organizing my entire music collection on my computer and hard drive, we have the alphabetical, the play lists also in alphabetical order and titled in terms of my mood.  It has been a mission of sorts but the wait also allows the mind to begin to wonder whilst in the working frame of mind.  This is different to the creative state of mind.  When you’re in the mood to be ‘Creative’ the mind tells you that anything and everything is possible. Which in reality it is not.  That it why the ‘Work’ state of mind is useful. The mind fills itself with the logistics. The Why’s and How’s which are often forgotten when in the thick of being creative.  I realize that my contemporary tribe project is a workable and feasible one provided I fully explain and detail the theory behind it. But I think that is for my next blog entry as my subject has just arrived.
Five hours late, but he hasn’t stood me up which is a bonus.  In walks a shorter more friendly looking man than I had at first anticipated, equipped with a bright smile and a quick apology we are soon snapping away. And it is easy.  The only problem is that there is a constant smile and plenty of jokes to go around.  I am excited to meet and photograph a very relate able and pleasant character. 
Sitting in the office later there is no hesitation when asked my opinions on his campaign slogans or the design elements of his posters. I feel involved and that I think is the warmest aspect of Mao’s character.  People like him, he is approachable and welcoming.  I think the rally in Masaka will be a fun experience for me. And it will look good as part of my body of work.  I have never been to a political rally in Uganda so this is going to be a first and I hope to capture as much of it as I can on my camera.
I am excited, excited to enter a new place as I have never been to Masaka, excited to discover a whole new side of documentary photography, and excited to be where I am doing what I love.

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