Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spoken Truth Birthday

3rd March 2010

Sitting at Java’s once again I have dedicated this blog to the reflection of my birthday.  It comes round once a year and it moves people to the point of a frenzy, you have to have a party to celebrate the day you were born.  I am not one such ndividual, each year I prefer to pick a select group of people to see in my new year, share my expectations and my gratitude to those who have stood next to me year after year unconditionally  forgiving me for my downfalls and congratulating my achievements. However this year I saw my 24th birthday in with a new family, The Spoken Truth Family, and I have never felt so blessed as to have a group of talented young artists that I can truly call Family. 
So it was my Birthday on March 1st.  Or should I rephrase it as my friend did as my ‘REBIRTH’ Day.  Why my Rebirth? Because it is the start of my new year, a year which I hope will be the start of many new opportunities and triumphs.  And the year I want to really push my Photography as Art, Exhibit my new collection of images and push myself as a photographer in East Africa to cross boundaries.  It is very rare to find people in Uganda/East Africa who are willing or want to explore African art in terms of Photography and in terms of the Contemporary not just the Traditional.
I started 24 with Spoken Truth, and event that really does move me.  All my friends and peers turned out to represent themselves through poetry, music, emceeing, and just generally to support.  The microphone was graced with the likes of Maurice Kirya, Angelica and Sister Achola, who all left us feeling inspired.  It’s my birthday and for the first time in a while I am surrounded by real organic talent in Kampala, the kind that moves, inspires and drives new ideas to the front of the mind. And throughout this whole evening all my friends and Fam are getting their face painted with different variations of dots, tribal dots, it was a beautiful element which helped me understand that my ongoing project could be met and understood by more people than I had at first anticipated.   
My evening is wrapped up with an interview by Laurel Jane May, a journalist for Edirisa magazine and radio. It was strange to be asked what inspires me, and hear the words coming out of my mouth, all of them true but not quite how I would have planned my answers…they came more from the gut of what I was feeling right then and there.  So I don’t know when that will be heading out into the world but it is pretty cool for me check them out: Edirisa
This is my Favorite spoken word piece which I recited...and I'll be putting a link up to videos on my facebook page:

I Am
I am mixed race, bi-racial, point five,
Half-cast, half-breed and Colored.
Any way you look at it,
His blood mixed with her blood
Mixed with their blood to make our blood.
And not all that blood runs through
My daughters tiny beautiful veins.

We are the new bloods, African Bloods,
We were colonized and re-organized,
And yet we still walk barefoot
In thick red soil.

I’ve got bi-racial hair,
Mixed race eyes, lips, hips
Thighs you can’t wait to jump into,
But cant admit to?

Well I’m about to switch that shit the fuck up!

You want to categorize us so that we can feel more,
Comfortable with our own kind.
But tell me, where are you going to find a
Part Indian, Part British, Part Ugandan,
Not to mention a hint of You,
To name a few.

Not White enough to be a Sugar Mummy
Not Black enough to be a Wife
Not Asian enough to be acceptable in your circles

But this poem is not a bid for your acceptance,
This poem is not an attempt to rally those ‘like’ me
Under one victimized umbrella of our parents consequences.
This poem is simply a testament of my Truth,
For  those who choose to be in it, for a minute.
My reality, all those tears for all those years
Over my individuality, not yet able to see the beauty
In my uniquity.

But I don’t want your sympathy,
I just want you to put back the pre-conceptions
Your forefathers gave you in your booklet at birth
Because my skin color is not a representation of my
Soul, my Aims, my Goals.

Because all my parents ever did was try something new,
Fall into each other, make Love to each other,
And celebrate the product of their beautiful connection
With the world.
Knowing that one day someone would feel pride
Whilst walking with her spirit.

So whether I’m a Freak, a Geek, a Rebel without a cause
I’m Free
Tell me baby
You want to try being with me? 

Video Links:
I Am
Maurice Kirya


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