Thursday, November 18, 2010

Diary of a Juilliard Miracle and Poetry In Session

So it has been a while since I last posted anything, but i am telling you people it is not my fault! Sometimes it seems like the dictionary is too small and the English vocabulary to limited to express the emotions of a stunted artist and writer.  But it is true, recently I have been feeling very unable to write.....I needed inspiration, a breath of fresh air....a muse.....

And I found two, one in the visual form and one in the literary form. And so let me start with the visual. A beautiful and talented young lady called Jessica. Jessica is applying for Juilliard on the 1st of March (coincidently my birthday). She is a talented and beautiful young dancer who is passionate about African Contemporary Dance and once you meet her you can’t help but want to photograph her, her shape, her form, her spirit. Everything about this humble young lady just blows you away! And she believes it would be a MIRACLE for her to get into Juilliard. So I told her along with her talent she can also have my birthday Luck! So I titled her session The Diary of a Juilliard Miracle, not because I believe that it would be a miracle but because it was refreshing to hear someone still believe in them, especially when she is already so talented.

And so these are my observations. (And please do click on the photos I don’t think their size does the justice). Going through the pictures I am not 100% sure that she will approve of all my choices....(one non perfect foot included in my black and white triptic) but the reason for them is simple, we are not perfect, but faith, practice and perseverance will always remind us to aim higher, do better and appreciate all that we achieve. I don't think that she needs a miracle, but I do believe she will get hers!

And so now onto my second inspiration. I am finally taking the plunge, and starting my own event! I am excited, and completely petrified to be honest. The event in question is called 'Poetry In Session' It aims at being a small and intimate event which brings together poets, writers and artist to perform and express themselves to a welcoming audience. For a long time I have been involved in an event called Spoken Truth, a forum which brings youth to the foreground and really was a pioneering force in giving poets, mc's and writers a platform to express themselves (they are also having an event on the 20th in Makindye, and yes this is a little plug!). And it was from my love of Spoken Truth, with its high energy and combination of Spoken Word and Hip Hop that I decided it was time for me to put my vision into practice, someone had paved the way for me to know take on an event which before Spoken Truth might have otherwise been ignored! And so here I am....looking for equipment, speakers, microphones and most importantly writers, to congregate and appreciate with me the art of the poet, the writer and the artist. And Isha's Hidden Treasures in Kamwokya (last turning before the police station, I know another plug but it’s my blog people!) is the perfect place to do it, the small intimate courtyard, the gallery, the organic space. This really has been a new experience for me! And I am hoping that all who read will come out and support....I hate to get ahead of myself, but I am back! the creative juices are flowing and I want everyone to come out and be a part of it....after all I need something to spark of my next post!

                                                   So Love, Peace and Blessings People....
                    (and thank you to everyone who felt the need to call when I hadn't posed for a while!)

                                                     POETRY IN SESSION EVENT PAGE

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  1. I wish I was back in Kla but I am hoping maybe you'll record some of the night and post it on your blog for us poets, writers and lovers of the above who cannot be there???