Saturday, November 27, 2010

The First Poetry In Session

Ok so it is over and done with, my very first event organized all by myself! Well not all by myself I had some help in the form of Bavubuka All Starz Gilbert, on media, Blaze on the technics and Babaluku on sound and vibes, and of course Isha’s!  But I can’t deny it felt good to be the boss! Be able to set things out how I wanted and to really put all the elements together to make the night move and flow the way I wanted it..... But enough of that the real stars of the night were my Poet Family! Who were absolutely brilliant, I love that feeling when someone is speaking and all you want to do is close your eyes, lean back and let their words wash over you! In my next blog....or maybe tomorrow I will post up some clips of my favorite poems and moments, but really every poet had their own vibe.....from the acoustics of Waterfalls to the spirit of Sister Ife all the way to Jason’s humor and jest.  
But all in all I am inspired! And motivated! I want to take it to Jinja, Ebbs EVERYWHERE! I know it’s a bit quick but it’s all in the works and it is all down to this positive response! My mum came out, and I don’t think she really knew what all my ‘poetry business’ was about, until she came out and lived it...Brilliant!

So for those of you who may be wondering what I am babbling about basically (if you don’t want to read my last blog J) I held my company’s first event....’Poetry In Session’ it  is a night inspired by the Spoken Truth movement where Artists, Poets and Writers congregate to share, express and inspire to a listening audience.....As a  Poets, Writer  and Expressionists  I was quite frankly starting to get sick of competing with the chinks of glasses and the incessant sound of chatter that is encountered through most readings, and so the only thing to be done was to ‘borrow’ from the Spoken Truth template (Which is more high energy MC’s, Comedian’s, Dancers etc) and create a space solely for the poets and writers of KLA City. The event just wanted to be an intimate gathering of people who were coming out solely for the pleasure of listening to poets and friends showcase the Art of Spoken Word to a more listening ear.  And we really found it at Isha’s which is appropriately names ‘Isha’s Hidden Treasure’s’ because it really is a the heart of Kamwokya a little oasis that has this Cheers meets Uni  bar feel.  And by that I mean that it is friendly and inviting, everyone knows everyone and if they don’t know you they will surely make a point of asking you where you’re from and welcome you into the community. At the same time though the space is very intimate and private, with a sense of romance and quiet, beautifully decorated with iron wall pieces and the most exquisite bone lamps.....AND THEN THERE IS THE GALLERY!  But basically what I am saying is that I found this little oasis (with some help from my friend Rosa) and I think that I should be telling everyone to run through it if you’re feeling for that quiet space to chill relax and play Scrabble (yes know it’s the best of the board games!)

But all in all I am feeling very blessed this week people! And I just want to thank all the poets who came out, the listening ears that came to hear, and the fam that came to support.  Not to mention my mum for her PA system, Bavubuka for being the back bone of technical operations, Isha’s for the space and forum and Spoken Truth for the inspiration!  The next poetry in Session is on the 21st of December and I will keep you posted on that one....

Till next time (I am trying to go photograph at this Buddhist retreat which should be fun!)
Peace, Love and Blessings to all the travellers, friends and Revolutionaries out there....We may be a million miles away but as I sit on my stairs, looking out on Kampala, I can feel your hearts beat and your minds manifest dreams into reality, and as I finish I know that the world is full of possibilities!

Photography and video by Gilbert Frank Daniels and Editing done by moi! The rest of the photo's can be seen at  Masaani Facebook

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