Sunday, December 5, 2010


So I think I am going to start with a bit of complaining and then move on to the more fun stuff.... I think I will start with the Young Achievers Awards 2010.....last year I attended as I did this year as well and whilst I have respect for what is trying to be done I have to say that the second edition was a complete and utter disappointment.  To begin with, unlike last year their seemed to be a serious lack of importance given to the actual nominees.  As I sit in the back bleachers with two of them, I find it completely off key that firstly we have pay for drinks etc, whilst the VIP guests sit comfortably with their complementary drinks and such .....I hate to state the obvious but are the nominees not the whole reason we are all gathered here? I’m just sayin.....But really this is a massively disappointing change from last year where the Young Achievers themselves where in fact treated as ‘Achievers’ not the accompaniments to corporate and political face’s who claim to be ‘celebrating’ the achievements of young Ugandans.....more it seems like they are simply using the event to make themselves seem youth conscious.....There is a certain rapper who is trying to tap into the same ‘market’....but I don’t think we need to talk about him....Do you want another rap? Enough said......
I mean in all honesty I am really rather confused about the situation....We get told at the start that there is more funding for the event....only to be met with hard seats and well quite a boring programme, I can honestly say that had I not had to wait for certain categories I would have followed the flood of people who all left about 20seconds after H.E.Sevo!  But for those of you who don’t know, or have not attended let me give you a bit of background on last year’s ceremony.  Guests were greeted and seated and then treated to a simple but to the point ceremony which included a beautiful dinner.  The entertainment was bland....and that was improved this year so I will have to give it some credit (although the sound was a bit off as was some lip-syncing).  Last year there was a sense that all the guests, from the cooperate to the Achievers, and their guests were all as important as each other, they were all contributing factors to the night and we were all  treated equally...which didn’t seem to be the case this year.  I cannot be lead to believe that it is coincidence that certain people and nominees were placed in ‘V.I.P’ when they were not even ranking in the top 5 of their categories and I am not hating on them as they realistically did not pick their seats but there was something very disappointing about watching nominees squeeze their way from the back bleachers to the stage while others who are here to celebrate them sit in comfort.....It all seems a bit messed up to me....
Also I just want it to be known that it was noticed that the Journalism, Art and Fashion and Entertainment categories were moved to the end, you know after the President had left the building and then rushed through like they needed to be over with as soon as possible....yeah thanks for showing the arts....or people with actual self expression not spoon fed to them by the education system....some recognition for their least we can see how the arts and creativity  are ranked in importance!
So what is my message to the Young Achievers Awards? You had a good thing going last year, and if this year you got more funding and yet the treatment and standards of the ceremony went down (at least the treatment of the nominees anyway) the question needs to be asked....’Where is all the Money?’ I’m not saying your corrupt....I’m just saying....maybe if you knew where it could collect it it up....and maybe next year  treat your nominees with the respect, acknowledgement and sense of importance which you did last year instead of saving it only for those who are already established and ‘elite’....I won’t say anything about the actual V.I.P guests....only that they gave H.E.Sevo a Very listening and attentive ear....almost like they were all supporters....
But please don’t get me wrong I do think that the Young Achievers Awards stand for something good! I think that it is really good that they have set up this Award system which celebrates the Achievements of the Youth.....

Ok Enough of that!!!!! And on to some more positive things! So this Saturday I took the Ship Crew from the Bavubuka All Starz out to Wonder World for the day.  The day itself was sponsored by firstly a friend of mine who sponsors one the crew Medi A.K.A Mc Ship and me as a kind of Xmas present.  The day was really really really really FUN! I took Imogen with me and it was fun to see her get on rides for the first time and have fun with me in the bumper cars.  But what was more fun....and more the point of the outing was to allow the kids to have KIDDY fun.... In the world, and the country we live in it seems that the youth have to grow up so fast.  They have to use their initiative to make or create toys and they rarely get to enjoy the ‘luxuries’ of swimming pools or games and rides.  And so I just wanted to have one day where my friends could experience the things that I, having grown up in London and having the means, have always taken for granted....things like Bumper Cars at fairs, the Rocking boat thing (the one with the pirates that always makes you feel like you left your tummy in the air), the ferris wheel and the best thing.... WATER SLIDES!!!  And these are no ordinary kids, they MC constantly and have a policy of speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves....they are constantly using their voices, words and actions to combat heavy social issues....and so I thought.....what do you give these prolific children for about a tiny taste on my childhood....real kiddie fun.....And that is what we did!

This last bit  may not have been as long as my beginning rant....but to connect the two...ish....I really hope the organizers of the Young Achievers Award look into their functionality (and maybe find the answer somewhere in the rumoured 300Mil given to them), and look at who they are actually it the sponsors and the ‘elite’ of Uganda or is it the people who they are claiming to be giving recognition? Because what they are doing in Theory is good and I having spent the day with some brilliant young people cannot wait for them to get older, excel in their chosen fields and potentially get the recognition and appreciation that was shown in last year’s Young Achievers Awards.


  1. "I’m not saying your corrupt....I’m just saying....maybe if you knew where it could collect it it up...."

    Nice...I loved this so much, it's something I say all the time in reference to well...alot. Let's hope this is being read!

  2. I completely understand where you're coming from and you make really valid points. Notably the event was a not as good as the inaugural one last year.
    I have first hand information that many of the alleged sponsors did not actually honor their commitments and so that caused alot of disorganization and affected the execution of the event, I do appreciate your positive criticism because it is from here that we will do bigger and greater things in the years to come.The initiative is a young and important one and it will continue to nurture and motivate young people in Uganda.
    Better planning and learning from this years shortcomings is in order and i know that with that done, next year will be an even better event. check out my lil post on that

  3. I think the core part of the event was to inspire young people and I think Savo inspired me in his speech "Rapping is OK. Watching football is OK. But that is entertainment... you must be involved in National Development, like these people you are awarding today,"